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Surfactant and Bioenergy Research Center (SBRC) is one of research center under Research and Community Empowerment Agency (LPPM), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). The main study area is surfactant and bioenergy.

The Research Center was established in June 2004 with the name of Surfactant and Development Center (SRDC) focusing on biobased surfactants. Furthermore, issues on energy crisis and climate change were arising and triggered the center to take part in bioenergy-related research and development. The name of the center was then changed into Surfactant and Bioenergy Research Center (SBRC) in 2006.

Surfactant development research consists of processing and technology, followed by application of the product in various industries. Surfactant application and development are focused on Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Improved Oil Recovery (IOR), environmental handling, cleaning agent, pesticide, herbicide, personal care product and other application.

Bioenergy development research contains integrated upstream to downstream research activities. These activities include breeding and cultivation technique of bioenergy crops; process and technology; role model institutional development on bioenergy business. The recent major bioenergy crops to develop are Jatropha curcas Linn for biodiesel, unedible cassava for bioethanol, micro/macroalgae as the next alternative environmentally friendly biofuel feedstock, and biomass. In the future research on bioenergy will be focused on bioavtur development from CPO base.

In other hand, research and development for the business and management aspects are conducted to support the feasibility and sustainability of the upstream and downstream biofuels industry. These activities performed include feasibility studies, supply chain and risk management, and sustainability assessments of bioenergy development in Indonesia which covers environmental, social and economic.

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    Prof. Dr. Erliza Hambali

    Director of Surfactant and Bioenergy Research Center (SBRC) IPB

    email : erliza.h@gmail.com

             Prof. Erliza Hambali has been more than 29 years working as lecturer and researcher in the Department of Agroindustrial Technology, Bogor Agricultural University. Since 2006 she is also assigned as Director of Surfactant and Bioenergi Research Center (SBRC), Bogor Agricultural University. Prof. Erliza Hambali develops researches on synthesis, production and application of palm oil base surfactant for IOR/EOR in sandstone and limestone fields in Indonesia. She is also develops researches on application of palm oil base surfactant for environmental handling, cleaning agent, personal care product, pesticide, herbicide, and other application. Prof Erliza Hambali has 3 granted patents and 9 registered patents. Many other credible institutions in Indonesia awarded her research achievements, such as the award of Excellence Intellectual Property Right from Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia in 2012, the award of West Java Inovation from Government of West Java Province in 2014, the award of The Best Initiative Community from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Republic Indonesia in 2014, the award of 20 Excellent Technology from Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Republic Indonesia, and also selected as 12 World Class Indonesia Innovator from Business Innovation Center-Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Republic Indonesia in 2015.