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ICAIA 2015

ICAIA 2015

ICAIA 2015 – Empowering Innovative Agro-industry for Natural Resource, Bio-energy and Food Sovereignity

The 2015 3rd International Conference on Adaptive and Intelligent Agro-industry (ICAIA)  is the third forum for the presentation of new advances and research results on various topics in all aspects of innovative agro-industry that highlights the development and improvement for today and tomorrow’s global need for food, energy, water and medicine. The aim of the conference is to stimulate interaction and cohesiveness among researchers in the vast areas of innovative agro-industry. Innovative Agro-industry has the ability to adapt intelligently to future global challenges, i.e. food, energy, water, and medical. Global challenges needs a new breed of Agro-industry which could produce innovative products to fulfill the needs through advanced processing technology, production systems and business strategy supported by cutting-edge information and communication technology.

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